Alex Nicholson Has His Sights Set on a Second Titan FC Belt at Titan FC 78

Alex “The Spartan” Nicholson makes his second walk to the Titan FC cage on July 29th at Titan FC 78.

After claiming the Titan FC heavyweight kickboxing title at Titan FC 75 in April, he will meet a familiar face in Oscar Sosa, for Titan FC’s vacant MMA heavyweight strap.

Nicholson has fought some of the sport's toughest competition in a couple of the most prolific organizations. The UFC and PFL veteran has earned finishes over former UFC heavyweight champion, Ricco Rodriguez and current members of the UFC roster; Chase Sherman, Devin Clark and Chris Barnett. Nicholson has won all 14 of his pro MMA bouts by finish, including 12 by knockout. Despite the resume he has, Nicholson is as fit and as confident as ever. He talked about how he got his start in fighting and how he fell in love with the sport.

“I got into fighting because of how honest it is,” he said. “It’s primal, Nothing anyone says can change what happens.”

Nicholson didn't grow up regularly practicing martial arts. In fact, he was quite the basketball player in his high school days. With that being said, he was always one of the bigger, more physical players and never feared anyone. As a gym nearby held a kickboxing event and needed a last minute replacement, Nicholson took the fight with no training or experience aside from his dad’s instruction. Despite facing adversity early, Nicholson put his opponent to sleep in the second round. From that point on, his future was obvious.

As his journey to become a professional fighter began, he crossed paths with UFC veteran, Mike Perry. As he and Perry became close friends, they started training together on a tarp outside practicing things they saw on YouTube. When it became time to start taking things more seriously, Nicholson’s dad took the two to Julien Williams to improve their Jiu-Jitsu and grappling. Perry, Nicholson, Williams and the rest of the crew training together was a clear fit and the six of them started Swat MMA. As the team grew and the talent level improved, it evolved into what it’s known as today, Fusion Xcel Perfromance. Nicholson described Fusion Xcel as the gym with the “best BJJ” and couldn't have said any more good things about his coaches and training partners.

Nicholson also spent a small portion of his career training with a notable name in the Titan FC community, Roger Krahl. As everyone else who trains with Krahl, Nicholson explained how helpful and important Krahl is to him. When he was struggling and in need of help, Krahl was there for him in and out of the cage. He expressed his appreciation for the legendary sensei.

“Roger saved my life,” he explained. “He was with me through it all. Nobody ever got a hold of my mind, body and soul like Roger.”

Nicholson’s life journey is one that should be documented. The trauma he’s been through has built him into the man he is today. The way his mentality has evolved over the years is admirable. His mindset is one you need to have success in this sport. Life experience has played a huge part in how he’s grown mentally, physically and athletically.

“July 4th, 2021 I almost died in a car crash,” he said. “It humbled me. Life has calmed me down.”

It’s no secret Alex Nicholson is a warrior inside the cage and out. His next battle will be somewhat familiar. He will face a man he’s stood across from before however, this time in a 5 round, 25 minute MMA bout. In his kickboxing title bout with Sosa, he looked relatively dominant after facing adversity early. Even though he made a lengthy highlight reel putting his opponents to sleep, he settled for a more technical and calculated approach at Titan FC 75 and scored a convincing decision win. With that being said, it will be different this time around.

Many say there are more paths to victory for Nicholson in this bout considering he’s a high level, complete martial artist and he trains with the likes of Rodolfo Vieira, Jacare Souza and several other Jiu-Jitsu black belts. However, Nicholson has his sights set on one thing, making Sosa pay for the things he has said. It’s no secret his opponent has been vocal and Nicholson wants to make him eat his words.

“His anger will cost him in this fight,” Nicholson said. “Remember what he said when you see the highlight.”

It’s safe to say Alex Nicholson is nothing short of an electric factory in the cage. The 32-year-old is never in a boring scrap and is an OG on the Florida MMA scene. When that cage door locks, expect calculated violence from a master of his craft. Nicholson has one goal come July 29th and that’s bringing home another belt for his son, Odin.