Asa Ten Pow Looks to Put on a Show at Titan FC 73

South Floridian, Asa Ten Pow (1-0), returns to the Titan FC cage on December 17th hunting for another dominant victory.

The 32-year-old is known for his world class striking ability, which was displayed in his pro MMA debut at Titan FC 72 in September. Ten Pow made a name for himself on the boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai scene and found extreme success there. Now the 7-time Glory Kickboxing veteran, Glory Kickboxing Newcomer of the year, Boxing world champion and Muay Thai world champion seeks the same status in MMA.

“I want to get to the top of a top promotion,” he said. “I see myself becoming champion of the world.”

Aside from his striking prowess, his fluidity, movement and fight IQ are some of his many attributes that stand out. Watching Asa Ten Pow go to work on the feet is nothing short of an art in itself. He is a technical genius with extreme patience and is aware of all situations he’s in or could be in during a scrap. One thing that’s intriguing about Asa Ten Pow is his mindset in the cage and his ability to keep his composure.

In his pro MMA debut it was noticeable how comfortable he felt in that cage. As he slipped just about everything his opponent threw and defended a couple takedowns, he landed peppering shots in order to time his flashy power strikes. At the same time Ten Pow remained focused and put on a stand up clinic. He’s credits working diligently and being dedicated to his success.

“Martial Arts is always about evolving. It’s about time, consistency, dedication and learning from your mistakes,” he explained. “Being too calm or too rowdy during a fight is never good, there has to be a balance.”

After a tenured fight camp at his own gym, Florida Kickboxing Academy, and Sanford MMA, Ten Pow will square off with Syndicate MMA’s, Chris Roman (3-3), at Titan FC 73. Asa Ten Pow talked highly of Roman’s skillset complimenting his well-roundedness along with his gym and training partners. However, he is confident in his abilities and seeks a replica of his last bout in expedited fashion.

“It’s been a while since he’s been in the cage, but I’m sure he’s evolved in his off time,” said Ten Pow. “I’m looking to get him out quick and spend less time in the cage because he’s more dangerous than my last opponent.”

It’s safe to say Asa Ten Pow has the talent, skillset and work ethic to be one of the best martial artists on the planet. As one of, if not the best, strikers on the entire regional scene, it’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to watch him perform. On December 17th Asa Ten Pow looks to paint another picture perfect performance in the Titan FC cage.

By: Coby Weinsier