From Engineer to World Class Striker: The Story of Rami Hamed

On March 26 th , Rami Hamed (9-3), one of the most electric strikers in Titan FC history, returns to the Titan FC cage for the fifth time in his career.

If you’ve ever watched a Rami Hamed fight, it’s clear why he gets compared to Stephen

“Wonderboy” Thompson. The unorthodox stand up style he brings is must watch material. Not to mention he is a 6-time muay Thai national champion, 5-time kickboxing national champion and a 2-time Taekwondo national champion. However, he didn’t earn these accolades overnight.

In his early days in Lebanon, Ramy Hamed was always interested in the action and Kung Fu type movies which led him to start training at home. When he finally joined a gym, the coaches explained that the training he was doing was advanced. They then put him in a tournament in a small village in Lebanon, just a week after he joined the gym, which he ended up winning. This started it all for Rami Hamed.

“The feeling of winning was fantastic,” he said. “It kind of got addicting and I wanted to do it more.”

During this time, he had a job as an engineer. Working this desk job made Hamed realize how he needed to go chase his dreams while he could. With the help of his coworker, they decided to try and find the best way for Hamed to pursue his dream of becoming a world class mixed martial artist.

“We googled the top five gyms in the world and four were in the U.S.,” said Hamed. “We were between American Top Team and Jackson Wink and Florida looked nicer than Albuquerque.”

After getting his visa, Hamed was off to America to start his professional career. Following

several back-and–forth trips between Lebanon to America, Hamed finally moved to Florida full-time about a year and a half ago.

In March 2020, Hamed was supposed to fly home due to the pandemic however, he was unable to get a flight as a result of the lockdowns. After having no place to stay for about a week Titan FC COO, Lex McMahon, welcomed him to his own home for the time being. As quarantine went on, a week turned into a month and the two grew not only as friends, but also as training partners and basically family.

“He is literally my older brother,” Hamed explained. “I’m endlessly grateful for him and will

forever be by his side.”

McMahon, who made his MMA debut at age 49 in November of 2020, invited Hamed to help him with his fight camp in Alabama. Hamed went to Alabama alongside many of his coaches and training partners from American Combat Gym, UFC veteran Charles McCarthy and current UFC featherweight Charles Rosa to name a few. Some other attendees of McMahon’s fight camp were UFC veteran Jose “Shorty” Torres and one of the best strikers on the planet Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson. This camp not only benefitted McMahon, but also everyone in attendance.

“We all benefitted from the knowledge there. It was like a getaway for us all to focus on

fighting,” said Hamed. “No matter how much I talk about this relationship, [Lex] has made a

great impact on my life.”

It was obvious how grateful Hamed was to be a part of an event of such importance. It is also

clear how he plans to use his experiences here to benefit himself in his own career, especially

on March 26 th.

At Titan FC 68, Rami Hamed will go toe-to-toe with 27-fight veteran, Cliff Wright. Wright is a

Bellator veteran with all 12 of his wins coming by way finish. As 7 of Hamed’s 9 wins ending the same way, it’s safe to you shouldn’t blink during this bout. However, Hamed is confident he will be the one getting his hand raised on Friday night.

“I know I’m going to win in spectacular fashion.” he said. “I’m better everywhere, I’m the new version of fighting and my jiu-jitsu is world class. You shouldn’t blink on March 26 th .”

With confidence this high and the trust in his skills, Hamed has a strong mindset headed into

fight week. However, he made it a point that he is not overlooking the veteran status and the

overall toughness Cliff Wright.

“He has double my fights and fought three or four guys that are in the UFC now,” Hamed

explained. “He’s very well-rounded and a man who is not afraid to fight. I’m excited to put on a show along with Cliff Wright.”

Hamed won’t just be fighting for himself on March 26 th . He will put the entire country of

Lebanon on his back as he is hopeful to help make a change in his home country.

“My country is going through hard times. The country is collapsing economically,” he stated.

“I’m fighting now to give hope to my people and to influence the youth to put our difference

aside and be one nation.”

His goal is to try and make the country a better place for the Lebanese people. He also prides himself on being an example to the youth as someone who pursues their dreams. Hamed’s main goal as a martial artist is to become the UFC champion and without a doubt in his mind he will do just that.

“One day I will be UFC champion,” Hamed said. “Mark my words I’m going to be the UFC


Rami Hamed is not only a decorated martial artist and a pleasure to watch in the cage, but also he is the representation of a nation and a prime example of someone who’s pursuing their dreams and doing it successfully. On March 26 TH , Rami Hamed will look to put on a show in the co-main event of Titan FC 68 for the Titan FC fans live at the InterContinental Hotel, in Miami, and the thousands watching worldwide on UFC Fight Pass.