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Gus Villamil is Back and Better for Titan FC 74

Miami’s own, Gus Villamil, makes his long awaited return to the Titan FC cage this Friday at Titan FC 74.

The Goat Shed member is known for his ability to finish fights in exciting fashion. He’s secured all three of his pro wins by rear-naked choke, two of which within the two-and-a-half-minute mark of the first round. Although 2021 wasn’t Villamil’s best year yet, he feels like he’s in a better place, mentally and physically, and will prove the doubters wrong come fight night.

“Fighting defines me and brings out the best in me,” he explained. “Physically my cardio is 150% better and mentally I’m in a much better place.”

Villamil got into martial arts courtesy of wrestling at a relatively young age. Over time, he developed a passion and solid skill set for martial arts and was referred to an MMA gym. Just two months after joining the gym, Villamil took his first amateur fight, which he dominated, and scored a 2nd round finish. As his career progressed, he met Asim Zaidi and started training with him and his crew. Around a year later, Zaidi opened the Goat Shed and built an empire that stands out today.

Villamil has shown a deep appreciation for not only Zaidi, but his training partners, management and the entire Goat Shed team. He elaborated on the importance of training with guys like Ryan Kuse, Roy Echeverria, Jarret Betancourt and Adrian Garcia and explained how he’s prepared for any situation that can occur in a fight. The entertainment and violence the Goat Shed brings to the cage is something the team prides themselves on however, they believe being themselves has gotten them to where they are today. The support from teammates, management and coaches goes a long way as well.

“The best part about being a part of the Goat Shed is that we get to be ourselves,” said Villamil. “MMA is an individual sport, but not here.”

On March 4th, Gus Villamil will make his sixth walk to the Titan FC cage. With somewhat of a fresh start and a new beginning, he can’t wait to get back in the cage in his hometown. Titan FC is the only organization Villamil has fought for as a professional and he greatly appreciates the Titan FC team as well as Titan FC COO, Lex McMahon. Not to mention, he enjoys fighting in a place he’s called home and in front of many familiar faces.

“It’s awesome to fight for Titan FC and it’s good to be a hometown hero,” he said. “I’m extremely grateful for Lex, it means a lot to fight for him.”

This weekend, Villamil is set to make that walk again with a new and improved mindset. Taking short notice fights has become a regularity for him and come Friday, it won’t be different. Whether he knows his opponents or not, he believes his preparation and team have gotten him ready for whatever. Therefore, Friday will just be another day at the office for Villamil.

“I’m used to fighting on short notice,” he explained. “It doesn’t matter to me, I train with everyone.”

Gus Villamil is a diligent, durable talent who has a bright future ahead. His game has little flaws and he comes out with relentless pressure early. Villamil is a pleasure to watch in the cage and has become a household name on the Titan FC roster. With the tweaks and improvements, he’s made over the last few months, it’s inevitable he will have success. Overall, keep your eye on Gus Villamil as he is prepared for war at Titan FC 74.

By: Coby W

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