Jarret Betancourt Looks to Earn Another Highlight Reel Finish at Titan FC 71

Jarret Betancourt (2-0) makes his third walk to the Titan FC cage on August 6th at Titan FC 71 in Miami, FL.

The Broward County native is nothing short of a walking highlight reel. In his pro debut at Titan FC 66, he showcased his high level striking as he put his opponent to sleep, in under two minutes, with a perfectly timed left hand. In his second bout, six months later at Titan FC 69, he decided to show the world he’s more than just a striker. After getting a few takedowns early, he patiently made his way to full mount, forced his opponent to give up his back and earned his first career submission win by rear-naked choke. In his two pro fights he has a total fight time of 4:17.

The former XFN double champ started training martial arts just over four years ago. He got into the sport after a friend asked if he’d like to take an amateur fight. Betancourt took the fight without looking back. Unfortunately, the bout didn’t go his way however, he feels like this fueled the fire for him to dedicate his life to martial arts.

“After the first fight I felt like I had to get one back,” he explained. “After that I just kept getting better at it.”

Betancourt is not only a serious talent to look out for, but also he is one of the most marketable fighters on the Titan FC roster. From his heated exchanges at weigh-ins to his ability to cut promos pre and post-fight, the 23-year-old is a star in the making. With his personality and his skillset, he is right at home at the Goatshed Academy. Like many of his teammates, Betancourt credits a lot of his success to his training partners and coaches. He also thrives off the energy and environment they bring.

“The energy and the vibe is different,” he said. “My coaches and training partners are great and there’s a lot lighter weight people to train with.”

Going into his bout August 6th, he is prepared for whatever. His confidence is always there and he has the skills to back it all up. He is ready for whatever his opponent brings to the table, whether that’s grappling or striking. He has a few opponents in line and has some in depth predictions for how he can finish them come fight day.

“It doesn’t matter who my opponent is, they’re going to sleep,” he said. “If it’s who I think it is, I’ll finish him with a flying knee, if not I’ll come up with a new gameplan.”

In his 10 bouts, pro and amateur, he has pieced together quite the collection of finishes. It was the one punch knockout of Nekoro Bunsie that is his favorite finish to date however, his finish via knee to the body in his last amateur bout is up there as well.

His ability to hit without being hit is remarkable and the angles he throws strikes from are extremely impressive. A couple of his best attributes are his movement and footwork. However, Betancourt is more than just a striker. His grappling has come a long way and he proved that in his last bout.

Everything about Jarret Betancourt is future star caliber. At 23-years-old he has an incredibly bright future ahead and is a talent you will see on the big stage one day. He enters this bout with a three fight finish streak and will look to extend that this upcoming weekend. As August 6th is around the corner, it’s Drilla season in South Florida.