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The 5 best-known myths about slots: True or false?

Slots are something of a holy grail for a lot of gambling enthusiasts, you are always left with the hope that you can win a nice jackpot with that one euro bet. This magic has also created a lot of myths over the years, but which of these myths are complete nonsense and which ones are really true?

Slots are corrupt

Whenever someone loses their money on a slot machine, you are always quick to hear that it has been tampered with and that no money can be won on it. The myth is that the house (casino) always wins. And of course the casino has an advantage, because in every casino game the house has an advantage. However, slot machines are not corrupted if you play at a licensed casino where the slot machines come from a reliable casino software provider. These suppliers program the slot machines in a fair way, and this is also verified. That slots are corrupt is therefore absolutely a myth!

However, the online casino always has an advantage over the players. Often, a player loses on average 4 euros per 100 euros bet.

At certain times, slots pay out more

If you ever find yourself at slots, there are always people who say that slots pay out better at certain times. For example, at the busiest times of the day, so that more people can see that there are big wins to be had at slots.

Again, this is a myth, slots (even in online casinos) are equipped with Random Number Generators (RNG), which pay out at a random moment based on probability and therefore never take time of day into account. In short, slots definitely do not pay out at certain times!

The moment the last jackpot is paid out determines when the new jackpot will fall.

The idea is that if a jackpot has just fallen, it will take time for it to fall again. However, this is also not true, jackpots are also based on an RNG, so there is no way to predict when the jackpot will fall. In theory, the jackpot could fall twice within a few minutes. The chance is small, of course, but thanks to the RNG it is possible. However, it is of course true that the jackpot you win then will probably be a lot smaller (if it is an increasing jackpot). So this myth is not true either.

Betting patterns influence the chances of winning

The myth is that you can trigger the computer or slot machine with your betting pattern, or by pressing certain buttons on slot machines. However, this has never been proven and, thanks to the RNG, it shouldn't be possible. Only way to achieve this is to actually hack the slot machine. But betting a certain way or pushing the buttons won't help.

Online slots are more corrupt than those in a land-based casino

There is also a myth going around that a video slot in an gaminator 3 online casino is more corrupt than one in a land-based casino like Holland Casino. The moment you play in a licensed online casino that has slots from licensed software suppliers, this is absolutely not the case. This software is simply controlled and certainly not influenced.

Online casinos spend less on advertising

The Dutch Gaming Authority has released figures on the amounts spent by online casinos in the Netherlands to advertise their online casino. When the gambling market opened in the Netherlands, spending was highest, with an average of €890,000 per online casino spent on advertising in November 2021. In August 2022, it was just over a third of that amount, spending averaged €319,000 in the month of August.

Online gambling in the Netherlands experienced a good year in 2022. For instance, the number of active online casinos doubled, so there are now 23 parties with an online gambling licence in the Netherlands. One of the goals of the gambling authority was to get 80% of Dutch gamblers to play at casinos that hold a Dutch licence. Currently, around 85% of Dutch players play at such a Dutch-licensed casino. In that respect, the scheme has succeeded.

The fact that on average less is spent on gambling advertisements also has to do with the fact that regulations are getting stricter. Advertisements may be broadcast later and later and it is no longer allowed to use Dutch celebrities in these advertisements. As a result, online casinos may also find it less interesting. In addition, the number of licensees has more than doubled and not every casino is very active when it comes to gambling advertisements.

In 2025, gambling advertising will be completely overhauled. For instance, no more advertisements will be allowed by 2025. Unless players specifically look for it.

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