Adrian Garcia Seeks to Remain Unbeaten in the Titan FC Cage at Titan FC 71

Adrian Garcia (4-1) will make his fourth walk to the Titan FC cage this Friday, August 6th, at Titan FC 71 in Miami, FL.

Garcia is on a three fight win streak and has been rolling in 2021, finishing both of his opponents within two rounds. He might be known for his first round TKO via body kick, after landing a perfectly timed front teap to the sternum of Rudy Isidro at Titan FC 67. However, Garcia has developed his grappling game significantly and has become quite the threat wherever the fight goes.

The 23-year-old got into MMA over five years ago. After joining a gym, he didn’t have any other career paths lined up so he decided to fully commit to mixed martial arts. He developed a high level kickboxing and Muay Thai game over this time and in 2016, he kicked off his amateur career. Garcia managed to rack up nine amateur fights in just two years, preparing himself for his pro career.

In the front half of 2020, he made the move to join the Goatshed Academy. Since then, Adrian Garcia has been one of the more dominant flyweight prospects in the state of Florida. He credits a ton of his success to his coaches and training partners at the Goatshed Academy.

“Before I met Asim I didn’t know how to wrestle,” said Garcia. “There is no fake people at this gym, Asim is the realist guy I ever met.”

Every fight Garcia is in he makes notable improvements. He did just that in early July at Titan FC 70 when he put on a grappling clinic and finished Marquis Johnson via ground and pound, or as the Goatshed calls it “smesh grappling”. The most impressive part of Garcia’s game that night was his timing. After the first round, he had Johnson all figured out. He ducked under looping hooks and got easy takedowns over and over which led to the finish.

Another quality attribute of Garcia’s is his awareness. When he adapts to his opponent in the cage it almost seems like he is a step ahead of them. He picks his shots while he’s on the feet and will draw his opponent into making mistakes. He knows when to shoot and is aware of positioning on the ground. Outside of the cage he’s a realist. He believes he has to convincingly beat his opponents in order to prove himself.

“I know the tough fights are coming so I have to finish the bums,” Garcia explained. “I’m ready for whatever.”

Garcia lives up to his nickname, “the Elusive”, with his quick movement and footwork. He will step into the cage on Friday with a purpose, he wants to make a statement. His first opponent was forced to pull out so he and his team have a few options to choose from. Not knowing his opponent isn’t something that will throw Garcia off his game as he knows he is ready for whatever look any opponent throws his way.

“It’s nice knowing ahead of time, but I’m confident in my skills, he said. “I’m prepared for whatever anyone brings.”

On August 6th Adrian Garcia looks to continue his unbeaten run with Titan FC. With the confidence he has in his skillset and preparation, it’ll be tough for anyone to spoil his night. Overall, Adrian Garcia is a name that fans should keep an eye on as he one of the most highly touted prospects in the Titan FC flyweight division.